Fill your home with fabulous friends and the latest interior trends with your own Style North Shop Social.

Experienced Interior Designer Hannah and Stylist Caroline will style your home full of gorgeous accessories from plant hangers and pots, to sheepskins and candles. Then invite a group of your friends over for a night in and a mini spree.. and everyone can wake up with more than just a hangover!



First decision … Would you and your friends rather spend £50 on a night out and about? or catch up at a friends house, and leave with a ton of Interiors treats to show for it?

Shop Social products start just at £5 for a granite candle holder, with an average price of £15 which would bag you something like a hanging concrete planter or a beautiful glass and brass vase.

As the Shop Social host you will earn yourself a load of free interiors products based on the amount you and your guests spend. For every £100 spent on the night, you will earn £10 towards your own shopping bag. This usually means you’ll end up with a lovely selection of products, for example a scented candle, a vase, tray and plant hanger.

Before you book your Shop Social we will send you a electronic Style Board with images of the current collection available to buy on the night (example below). We will also supply you will send you a personalised invitation which you can use to invite everyone (bottom right).

On the night, we’ll turn up a couple of hours before people arrive and dress your space to perfection. Then simply relax, shop and enjoy! We’ll be there on the night with free style advice, to take payments and any orders if things sell out.

Contact us for more info or to book email or call 07557353832

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